Low Volume Production

What Is Low-Volume Manufacturing?

Whether you need a hundred parts every few months, or hundreds of thousands of parts every month, our low-volume manufacturing service is for you. It’s great if you need small quantities on a regular basis or if you want to bridge the gap between the prototyping stage and full-scale production. Get to market faster with our low-volume manufacturing service.

At KBTooling, we work with you every step of the way, from initial project review and quotation to inspection and delivery. So contact our friendly team to get a free quote for your next project today.
Up to 100,000+ injection molding parts
Up to 100,000+ injection molding parts


We make low to medium-volume production in plastics, metals and silicones uniquely affordable. If you are looking for low to medium runs, then you have come to the right place! Our inexpensive rapid tooling for runs up to 100,000+ injection moulded parts may be exactly what you need. We continually invest in the latest equipment and rapid manufacturing technology and this, combined with our experienced staff, means that we are well equipped to handle low to medium-volume production programs.

Low-volume production of injection moulded parts is ideal for a few hundred up to thousands of parts of varying complexity. KBTOOLING Rapid’s affordable aluminum tooling or soft-tool steel tooling, makes it the most cost-effective method for this type of demand.

KBTOOLING Rapid minimises the “cost of waiting” for your full production tooling run and enables you to get to market quicker by having an aluminum or soft steel tool made within 3-30 days, (depending on product complexity and tool functionality).

Test your manufacturing or assembly processes with a pilot run prior to mass production to save time and money!

Benefits Of Low-Volume Manufacturing

Many of our customers choose low-volume manufacturing to allow for flexibility in design changes, to test the market, and for cost savings. This is especially true if we have already made the initial prototype of their new design idea. With our fast, low-volume production process, you can have your parts quickly. When you need more we will have your tool on hand ready to go. This will ensure you save time every time. Read about why we think that low-volume manufacturing is the way of the future.

If you have a low to medium-volume requirement, please contact our expert team: [email protected] or contact us using the form on this website for a fast quote and advice.