How to reduce the cost of plastic mold

Reduce the cost of plastic mold processing, can effectively improve the economic benefits of plastic mold factory production, conducive to the plastic mold factory and product market competitiveness. If the plastic mold factory can reduce a variety of unnecessary waste, so as to achieve reasonable storage, use materials, reduce costs, improve the purpose of efficiency, so as to ensure the reasonable needs of production, but also to reduce the use of capital and waste. So, what is the plastic mold processing cost reduction method?

  1. Strengthen operation and management, that is to say, to receive more orders, to fulfill production tasks, and to form a scale of production;
  2. Improve labor productivity and adopt standard formwork when conditions permit; Another way is to improve the design level, as far as possible to shorten the test mode adjustment time;
  3. The more complex the structure of the plastic mold, the more functions of the mold, the higher the degree of automation of the mold production, the higher the production cost of the mold;
  4. The accuracy and stiffness of the plastic mold should be objective needs of the product requirements and production requirements of the requirements of the program, the higher the precision and stiffness requirements of the mold, the higher the production costs of the mold
  5. The cost of materials in the plastic mold production costs account for about 25%-30%, so, should be correct choice of plastic mold materials, the use of plastic mold materials and plastic mold life requirements, at the same time, should take a variety of measures to give full play to the effectiveness of materials;
  6. 6.Improve the quality of plastic mold is an important issue these are the important factors restricting the cost of plastic mold and production cycle.

In the final analysis, to find a professional plastic injection mold plant, the use of good mold steel material, and conduct standardized heat treatment, so that the mold can be made successfully in one time, not repeatedly, can reduce the cost of plastic mold processing, and the mold is also durable.

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