Factors affecting the number of cavities in Plastic Injection Molds

The cavities in Plastic injection mold is not the more the better, also not all molds can be done with 4 cavities or 8 cavities. So what are the factors affecting the numbers? Let’s have a look below:

  1. Relationship between the product size and equipment.

When the part belongs to large or medium size, generally speaking, single cavity is used. On the one hand, it is necessary to consider the fluidity of plastic material filling mold when injection molding, so as to ensure that plastic material can smoothly fill the mold cavity. The second aspect is that the design of more than one cavity will make the mold volume increase leading to aggravation, so that the processing is difficult. The small and medium-sized plastic products can be designed a number of cavities, so that better play equipment and mold capacity, improve production efficiency, economic production.

  1. Local materials should be used to make full use of the existing equipment.
  2. When the precision of plastic parts is not high, the requirements for mold creation and product process molding control requirements will also be reduced, so, in this case, should be calculated according to the capacity of the equipment, so as to calculate the number of cavities, because when the precision of plastic parts is too high, too much cavity design will affect the product quality assurance.
  3. For plastic parts with complex shape or high precision, sometimes the customer increases the production efficiency by adding a mold cavity, but after adding the mold cavity, the mold structure will become much more complicated, and the precision will also be improved. Therefore, it is necessary to consider the number of mold cavities to focus on economic benefits, and avoid uneconomic ones.
  4. Product batch requirements.

When plastic parts production batch requirements, the need to produce large batch or large, in order to complete the corresponding capacity of the mold, the need to design a number of cavities.

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