In the process of mold manufacturing, deformation often occurs, so how to avoid the deformation in mold manufacturing?

(1) the thickness of the product shall be as uniform as possible.

(2) all parts of the cooling system are designed to make the cavity temperature uniform.

(3) the pouring system can make the material flow symmetrical, avoid warping caused by contraction in different flow directions, and try to eliminate the density difference, pressure difference and temperature difference in the cavity.

(4) the thickness of transition area and corner should be smooth enough. In order to have good demoulding angle and redundancy, such as increasing stripping, improving the surface polishing of plastic mold, etc.

(5) the exhaust system is in good condition.

(6) adjust the deformation of the wall thickness to compensate the parts, or increase the stiffener to enhance the ability of resisting the buckling parts.

(7) the strength of materials used in plastic mold is insufficient.


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