How to choose the injection mold steel reasonably is a complex project, and it is also the key link of the injection mold manufacturing. This is an important work related to the service life of the mold and the cost of the injection mold. Generally, the materials used to make plastic injection mold need to have certain hardness and wear resistance first. Secondly, it should have strength and toughness. Before choosing the injection mold steel, we need to know the classification of the mold. According to its service life, the mould is usually divided into five grades:

Level 1: the service life of the mould is more than one million times.

Level 2: the service life of the mould is 500000-1 million times.

Level 3: the service life of the mould is 300000 to 500000 times.

Level 4: die service life 100000 to 300000 times.

Grade 5: the service life of the mould is less than 100000 times.

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In addition, the basic properties of steel need to be understood

1. The steel has enough surface hardness and wear resistance.

The surface roughness and dimensional accuracy of plastic parts and the service life of injection mold are directly related to the hardness and wear resistance of the mold surface, especially the molding surface of the mold, such as the core and cavity of the mold. Therefore, the surface of injection mold is required to have enough hardness. For small plastic mold, high carbon and high alloy steel can be selected. For large-scale plastic mould, carburizing steel can be selected and heat treated to make it harden, so as to obtain high wear resistance and prolong the service life of mould.

2. The steel has enough strength and toughness.

Because the injection mold, especially the injection mold, bears a large molding pressure in the injection process, so the large and medium-sized injection mold or the injection mold with complex cavity shape should have high strength and toughness to meet the requirements of use performance.

3. Steel has good processing performance.

Most injection molds need to perform certain machining and benchmark work. In order to prolong the service life of cutting tools, improve the cutting performance and reduce the surface roughness, the plastic injection molding steel must have appropriate hardness to obtain the necessary precision and surface roughness.

4. The deformation of heat treatment is small.

Injection mold parts are usually complex in shape, so it is difficult to process after quenching, or even impossible to process at all. Therefore, the steel with small heat treatment deformation should be selected. In this way, the processing of injection mold parts can be reduced or stopped after heat treatment, so as to ensure the dimensional accuracy and surface quality requirements of plastic mold.

5. Good corrosion resistance

Plastics and additives have chemical corrosion on the surface of steel. Therefore, the selected die steel should have certain corrosion resistance.

6. Good polishing performance

In order to obtain smooth plastic parts, the surface roughness of the cavity is required to be small, so the cavity must be polished to reduce the surface roughness of the cavity. And the selected steel will not have rough impurities and pores, and will not occur when polishing, pitting or orange peel defects



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