How to tell the difference between PP and POM material?

In recent years, more and more kinds of plastic products come into our life, at the same time the development of injection molding technology get injection molding products replace other material life and industrial supplies, now almost all things are linked with injection molding parts. So how to distinguish injection plastic material is also a need to pay attention to in daily life. Here Jasonmould briefly introduces you to the difference between PP and POM materials.

The method is as follows:

Method 1: smell: PP material smells no peculiar smell, while POM material smells pungent smell;

Method 2: look: general injection molding plastic products, PP bulk products more more, its surface as well as general plastic matt, more applied in the automotive industry (mainly using PP containing metal additives: fenders, ventilation tube, fan leaf, etc.), equipment (dishwasher door gasket, drying machine ventilation tubes, washing machine frame and cover, the refrigerator door gasket, etc.), and consumer goods (lawn and garden equipment such as lawnmowers and spray, etc.). POM, as a wear-resistant material, is generally used in wear-resistant rings and other aspects, with smaller plastic parts. And its surface has a certain luster.

Method 3: touch: PP injection plastic parts feel, feel a little rough, a little similar to touch wood; The POM plastic has a metallic feel to the touch, the larger the piece. Injection products with PP materials more common cosmetics series of lipstick tube and fan leaves.

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