What will determine the price of injection tooling ?

When customers ask to quote a injection tooling cost for their products, they often do not understand the price is how to evaluate, and want to know why the tooling cost for big product is higher than small one. Now let’s see what will determine the price of injection tooling ?

JasonMould based on years of quotation experience, sharing the injection mould price is determined by the following factors:

Product structure
Product size
Product surface finish

Product structure is one of the factors affected in the price of injection molding mold, simple structure is of course a little cheaper, more complex structure, such as to do line position inclined top, this middle increased a lot of time and difficulty, undoubtedly this is the factor that increases the price of injection molding mold product size. The product is big means the mould steel that wants to order and die billet also need bigger, bigger material is more expensive, injection molding mould price is higher. Product surface technology. Product surface process has a lot of, have common grain face and bright face, also have all sorts of special leather grain, still have to use laser grain of 4 axis laser, different surface grain craft injection molding mold price is not the same. Therefore, the price of a set of injection mould is affected by many factors. For a more accurate price, provide a 3D picture of the product to JasonMould. JasonMould will provide price reference for free of charge within 24 hours.

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