Bicolor Injection Mold Maintenance

  1. Check loose air holes for rust or moisture

If you find rust or moisture near a hot runner vent, it means internal condensation or a possible water pipe rupture. Moisture can cause a fatal short circuit to the heater. If the machine is shut down at night or on weekends instead of running all year round, the chance of such condensation on an injection mold increases.

You should have measured the resistance of the heater when you first started using it, now is the time to measure it again and compare it. If the resistance fluctuates by 10% or less, consider replacing the heater to ensure that it does not break down at critical points in the production process. If you have never measured the initial resistance, do so now and use it as a reference for future inspection of the heater.

  1. Check for signs of wear and tear between guide posts and guide suites, and look for scratches or scratches

This wear is due to a lack of lubrication. If the trace is new, you can also extend the life of the guide post and sleeve by adding more lubrication. If wear is already severe, it’s time to replace the parts. Otherwise, the cavity and core may not fit well, resulting in different thickness of the cavity wall.

  1. Check water flow

Connect a hose at the exit of the waterway and let the water pass through the hose into the bucket. If the water is not clear or colored, rusting may occur, and the flow of water is not smooth, which means that there is a blockage. If these problems are found, re-drill all the pipes to make sure they are clear (or cleaned in any of your most common ways). Improving the plant’s water treatment system will prevent future problems caused by rust and blockage.

  1. Injection mold cleaning thimble

Over the course of a year, the thimble becomes dirty due to gas deposits and membranous impurities. It is recommended that you use mold cleaner every six to twelve months. After rinsing, apply a layer of lubricant to the thimble to prevent abrasion or breakage.

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