Solution For Sink Mark, Warping In TPE Overmoulding

Most styrene series TPE have a high molded shrinkage that causes the laminated composite to contract more than the substrate (typically PP,ABS,PC,PA, etc.), resulting in bending or warping of the substrate parts. This is especially true for long, thin parts, or parts with a substrate thickness thinner than the coating, or for substrate materials with a lower modulus of elasticity.

This situation can be handled in the following ways:

Selection of TPE materials:

  1. Adopt matrix materials with higher elastic modulus.
  1. Add reinforcing rib to matrix parts.
  1. Minimize the thickness of soft TPE layer.
  1. Use TPE materials with lower hardness.
  1. Change the gate position to minimize the proportion of flow length to thickness
  1. Change the mold. In some cases, due to mold problems, resulting in: product deformation, difficult to demoulding.

Of the above five solutions, the second and fifth solutions are practical and operable, but need to adjust the mold structure; For the remaining solutions 1, 3 and 4, due to limited material and product requirements, there is not much space for actual adjustment.

Adjustment from TPE mixture formula can reduce the cooling shrinkage force of TPE to a certain extent, thereby reducing the shrinkage warpage of TPE overmoulding. This is also from the point of view of adjusting the physical properties of the raw materials to improve the shrinkage warp defect of overmoulding, relatively speaking, this is one of the most easy to implement TPE overmoulding solution.

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