Characteristics of PA: Nylon has the characteristics of toughness, wear resistance, self-lubrication, smoothness, non-toxicity, anti-bacterial and strong water absorption. In addition, its tensile strength and stiffness will decrease sharply with moisture absorption. Then, the size of the finished product varies greatly.


Advantages of PA:


It has high mechanical strength, good toughness, high pressure resistance and elongation strength, twice as much as ABS injection parts.


Nylon injection parts have excellent fatigue resistance, smooth surface, small friction coefficient and good wear resistance. It also has corrosion resistance and remarkable alkali (acid) and most salt solutions, non-toxic, inertia to biological erosion, good anti-mildew ability, heat resistance and excellent electrical properties.


The product is light in weight and easy to dye and form.


The shortcomings of PA material are as follows:


It is easy to absorb water and has poor light resistance. It requires stricter plastic forming technology. It absorbs water and expands in alcohol, but has no resistance to strong acids and oxidants. Therefore, it can not be used as acid-resistant material.


Forming process:


We should precisely control the injection process to prevent flashing and other problems. At the same time, with the rapid release of melt by condensation, we should avoid the shortcomings caused by material blockage in orifice gate and gate.


Because of the poor thermal stability, the temperature should not be too high to avoid yellowing.


Proper injection pressure can be judged by the appearance of the product. If the injection pressure is high, the product will appear bright spots and other problems; too low temperature will bring corrugation, flow marks, or insufficient production defects. Therefore, high pressure should be avoided to prevent increasing the internal stress of the product.


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