5 Standards Of High-end Injection Mold Factory

Injection mold industry from birth to now, through a number of development stages, into the 21st century, with the development of modern industry, injection mold has become an irreplaceable tool. At the same time, all kinds of large and small injection mold factories have sprung up on the land of China. So how to judge when choosing a high-quality injection mold supplier? The five criteria give you a clear assessment.

  1. Understand the basic situation of injection mold manufacturers. Nowadays, the Internet is very developed. When judging a supplier, you can firstly check some basic information of the enterprise on the Internet, such as registered capital, registered years, credit rating of the enterprise, and whether there are many negative word-of-mouth information, so as to have a preliminary understanding and screening of the enterprise.
  1. Field visit to injection mold manufacturers. After preliminary screening, you can come to the production site of the factory and get a general understanding of the company’s enterprise size, plant area, number of employees, corporate culture and so on, and take these information as further evaluation.
  1. Understand the production equipment of injection mould factory. Now plastic products of size precision demand is higher and higher, and this depends on the advanced production equipment, one can, even if did not have a good production technology and exquisite personnel tools are also unable to make high quality products, so at the time of visit need to plastic injection mold factory production workshop do an evaluation on the whole production equipment, including the prophase of die mold production equipment, testing equipment, injection molding production equipment, the subsequent spray processing equipment, etc., the need to consider the brand, the average age of equipment and so forth. Only the latest equipment of the big brands can ensure that the products produced are up to the current state of the art.
  1. Injection mold factory’s overall production team. After all, it is not the era of full automation. The production of any product is still inseparable from the operation of human beings, as is the case with injection moulds. Therefore, it is necessary to comprehensively evaluate the whole production team
  1. Experience in injection mould production. Rich production experience is also a high-quality injection mold factory indispensable, only rich production experience, do a variety of categories of products mold factory can be in the face of a variety of production problems can have a solution.

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