When we have a project that needs plastic injection parts, the first thing we need to do is to find a plastic mould company to manufacture moulds and parts. But before we start, we need to estimate the cost of injection moulds and plastic moulds roughly and cost control. Here are some cost-saving suggestions for you. There are advantages and disadvantages. By reading this article, you can choose the right one according to the project requirements.


  1. What is a multi-cavity plastic mould?


Multi cavity mould is the number of cavity is greater than one, we usually say a few points. Multiple identical or different products can be completed simultaneously in one mould.


  1. When do we need more than one cavity? Before starting to make plastic moulds, suppliers of plastic moulds need to know the following customer needs to facilitate the design.


Product Dimensions


(2) Quantity of product requirements


(3) Size of machine


Advantages of multi-cavity plastic mould:


The reason why we manufacture multi-cavity plastic moulds is very simple. It is to control the unit cost of plastic moulding parts. For example, the production cost of 160 tons injection moulding machine is 8 yuan per moulds. If we use 8-cavity moulds to produce parts, the production cost of each part is 1 yuan. If you only use 2-cavity moulds to produce parts of this machine. The unit production cost is 4 yuan. If you need one million or more parts, you can imagine how much cost can be saved from 8-cavity die. That is why multi-cavity mould is so popular with customers.



Defects of Multi-cavity Plastic Mould


We all know that all customers like multi-cavity moulds, because it can save a lot of production costs, but other factors need to be considered before making a decision, because it is not cheap to make plastic moulds, making multi-cavity moulds is more expensive than single-cavity or double-cavity moulds.