How to choose injection molding tools?

There are tens of millions of plastic products, which require different injection molds to meet their production needs. Between the designer’s design philosophy and design habits, it is difficult to find two identical injection molding machine molds in actual production.

However, there is no difference between the molds, no matter how big the differences between the molds, they still have a basic structure to find.

So, how to choose the right injection molding tools? Below, JasonMould will introduce you to the knowledge related to injection molds to enhance your understanding in this area.

What’s an injection mold?

The injection molding tool is referred to as an injection mold.
The injection mold is mainly composed of a molding part and a casting system, so that the molten material from the injection molding machine is molded into a part suitable for various uses.

When molding plastics, when the materials, molding machine, and molding process plan are determined, the quality and productivity of the parts depend mainly on the structure type and working characteristics of the forming mold. The quality requirements of the mold, not only must consider the precision of the formed parts, but also need to be considered from the point of view of use, that is, it requires easy operation, high efficiency, and automation; from the perspective of manufacturing the mold itself, it is also necessary to make the structure reasonable and easy to manufacture low cost.
How to design injection molds?

Injection mold design is a comprehensive engineering work.
First of all, it is necessary to comprehensively consider the flow resistance, velocity, shrinkage, crystallization, orientation and residual stress of the material melt during the flow.
Secondly, it is necessary to consider the design and dimensions of the molded parts included in the injection mold, the parting surface, the gating system and the design of the venting structure.
In order for the design to proceed smoothly, the basic form of the injection mold and the relationship with the injection molding machine should be known.

What should I pay attention to when buying injection molds?

1. Whether the products of the mold injection molding have reached the requirements.
2. Whether continuous production is stable and reliable.
3. Whether the cycle of mold injection molding of single beer meets the minimum cost requirement.
4. Whether the mold structure and action are designed reasonably/reliable.

5. Whether the mold material meets the design materials.

6. The appearance of the mold is clean and tidy, and all kinds of marks are complete.

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