Aluminum Molds Or Steel Molds?

Conventional injection molding typically produces steel tools for millions of parts, however, manufacturing molds typically takes months and costs more. But what if production needs require less? This is the ideal place for aluminum molds.

Today, we will have an in-depth understanding of “aluminum molds” and “steel molds”.

Small batch production with aluminum mold

Mold production and parts in 15 days or less to complete mold manufacturing costs are low, from the current mold market: aluminum alloy market is relatively more stable than the steel market, more conducive to the implementation of cost control.
Aluminum molds are about 50% lighter than steel molds, so aluminum molds are superior to steel molds in manufacturing, equipment, and injection shop equipment adjustments. Transporting light molds eliminates the need for expensive lifting equipment (such as cranes and crane trucks), reducing manufacturing costs. Rapid production of products with no more than 1,000 to 5,000 molds and less demanding product processes. Generally used for fast proofing, small batch products, production can be up to 10,000 or more; depending on the type of material and geometry, some molds can produce hundreds of thousands of parts. Single and multi-cavity molds: 1-, 2-, 4- and 8-cavity molds are available depending on part size and complexity. Thermoplastic and thermoses materials are the same as mass-produced materials; more than 100 different materials can be used, including ABS, PC, PP, LCP, POM and liquid silicone rubber.
If it is damaged, no maintenance cost and mold replacement for life, improved heat dissipation, no need to use messy cooling line, aluminum mold is easy to machine, high dimensional stability, excellent thermal conductivity, saving mold cooling time up to 50% in production, with the development of the market, the current European and American markets are gradually showing the phenomenon that aluminum molds replace steel membranes.

Mass production with steel molds

Millions of parts are produced, mold production time is long. The cost of injection molds made of steel molds is high, but when the production quantity increases, the cost is lower. The hardness of steel molds is high, the injection molds are made to wear well, and the mold life is long. Generally, at least production of 10,000 molds for long-term mass production. Multi-cavity molds larger than 8 cavities can increase the complexity of parts. The mirror polishing performance of injection molds is good.

Finally, JasonMould kindly reminds you:

If you have no more than a few parts, if you need to produce parts on demand within a few days, and if you want to avoid risky investments before the part design is truly verified, then using aluminum for small batch injection molding tools may be a good choice.

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