Is the SLA as popular as other methods in rapid prototyping service?

The current manufacturing has varied both methods and customers in their designs.

There are so many methods currently used to create new parts that it would be difficult for manufacturers to decline by only one when it comes to making all their products, for this reason good producers always have a fairly comprehensive list of procedures through the which could make the wishes of your customers who request rapid prototyping service come true.

3D printing, services SLS and SLA, parts of a whole in the world of manufacturing.

Sure everyone has heard of 3D printing or perhaps of the SLS method, but there is another method as popular as these and it is the SLA, which although confused with the SLS for its superposition of layers, it manages to solidify the polymer from its liquid form, but not through the sintering of dust, as its counterpart does.

What is the SLA?

This technique consists of layering a photosensitive resin to form a complete object, it has been used for a long time and it is considered a very old manufacturing method, in fact it is the oldest one of all mentioned here. And although the other methods can be considered the most modern versions of this, the SLA will always be valid thanks to the ease with which it can create quite complex parts in a short time and also fulfilling exact customer requirements.

Is the SLA technique popular among manufacturers?

Yes, it is definitely always an option among renowned manufacturers, such as Start Prototyping. This company does not only work with one method since the specifications of the clients are very varied, and the results of each technique, although excellent, vary a little in some areas.

But thanks to the precision of that technique it is very common to find it in all the lists of manufacturing methods of the companies. There is also another element that is in favor of this procedure and is that it is able to save a large amount compared to others, in official figures, through the other methods you can get to lose up to 20% of the material, while that with the SLA this percentage is minimal, it does not even reach 5%, this represents a great investment for all those who decline for this process.

However, if you need to manufacture a piece that needs to be specifically strong, other techniques would be the most appropriate because the hardness offered by the SLA is normal compared to other methods used.

Through the use of SLA printers the task of performing other procedures that require a quick evaluation is avoided to achieve the necessary finishes to obtain the exact piece, without imperfections.

Surely there is an exact procedure for each piece that is required to manufacture, and each client will find the most appropriate and under the supervision and advice of experts, especially if they request services in a factory where quality is paramount, Start Prototyping.

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